It began today

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Grad School.

 ^^^ pretty good bagels & cream cheese...oh! and the local ice cream is something i've never experienced before...way too good to exist!
 ^^^one of my favorite flowers big!
 ^^^ oh and that's my new home, it's growing on me :)

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& we will always be happy

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Alex graduated almost two weeks ago. I was secretly thrilled to fly back to Gainesville one last time. 
It feels like home...probably because of him.

We've pulled all-nighters together. 
Me: because I was in architecture
Him: because he received two degrees

Road trips, movies, arcade games, & fast food dates. We're kinda into that ;)

...but sometimes we put our fancy pants on.


^^^lovely ending to my first long-distance bike ride

 ^^^ 3 weeks ago

^^^ 3 years ago

We still look like we're 12. 

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Dear Me,

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It's funny. My first post was about pictures I took during my first time in NY. Turns out, I will be spending the next 2.5 years here in this new state. I'm definitely missing my tiny 'city' of Gainesville already...although lately the weather in NY has been more than lovely.

(still in the search for good food though)

& so it begins...
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